Show Reviews

Hellworms (from San Francisco) with guests Muscle Bitches (from Vancouver)
Piccadilly Pub
Saturday, November 21st
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The MUSCLE BITCHES were up first, and I can't remember the exact time right now but I think it was around 10:30pm. They are a great punk rock n' roll straight outta heaven. The guitarist and bassist were dressed up in only G-Strings and their shoes! How cool! And, shit I can't remember what the drummer was like, I think he was just normal (no offence), it's just kinda hard to see ya behind the drums.

The lead singer of the group was dressed in wrestling like shorts and a red frilly shirt and he had these nylons on his knees (kinda like Nylon knee pads), I believe. They also have a female, co-singer as well, and she was dressed in a silvery shirt, sorry not a very good explanation, and she had silver plastic (I think) pants on as well, and shoes too match! She had died blond bangs and black hair, as well.

These guys are definetly into showing you a good time live, and should never be missed if they pass into your city, they do touring as well I believe, I think they have been down the west coast into California and other lining states as well as Alberta and maybe a few other provinces.

The guitarist and bassist were simpling amazing, they give a good show, they were also using a mini-guitar and a mini-bass as well. I've never seen one of those before, and now I think I want one! They are so cute. They had a rack of them, too.

These guys are definetly into the live act, the lead singer was the wackiest of the bunch, he was bringing people he knew (and didn't?) from the crowd and putting them up on stage to do crazy antics. He also shoved the microphone in his underwear and well, man, they aren't worth missing! I don't know if I could tell you every crazy little detail they did on stage, because I was just amazed, they did so many of them and everyone of them was fantastic, you can tell by watching the band they are very nice people as well.

I mean, well... The lead singer saw me in the crowd not very happy, and he came upto me and tried to turn my frown upside down, I guess it was pretty obvious I wasn't too happy, depression does that to ya folks. I thank him for doing that and making my day, he showed me somebody does care and that he's a super swell guy as well. Though, my frown didn't turn upside down, I did appreciate him doing that. My frown had nothing to do with this evening however, it was just my depression. I had a fantastic time, and The Muscle Bitches are a band that must not be missed.

They have a CD out as well, and if I wasn't broke I would of bought one that night, I do promise to buy one in the future to support these fuckin' great performers, and you should too! Hell, everyone should! Independent music lives and these guys show us that. Fuck, corporate rock!

HELLWORMS were up next since they were the headlining and the second and last band of the night. They were pretty good. It was a trio that pumped out punk in a wrestling vein, (two of the guys had wrestling masks on). I don't know what to say about this band, they were pretty dang good, I admit but the vocals were low, but they were still great. The wrestling masks were a plus and cool to look at. Though, it's kinda weird looking at someone with a wrestling mask on and not being able to see him and he can see you... Kinda worried if he was a mass murderer or something. Just fooling.

Near the end of the set the sound guy said they had two songs left and the lead singer said, "Two sets?" and the sound guy said, "No, two nights." so, that was that, they had two songs to go, oh well. After those songs they left the stage and then the sound guy told everyone to start cheering for them, and so Vancouver did, and he said louder, and they did. The sound guy asked if they'd like to hear more of the Hellworms and well Vancouver did, god dang it!

So, not only did Vancouver get to hear more Hellworms but they got to hear like 3-4 more songs! It was great, they finally ended at about 1am, and the beer in the Pub almost stopped flowin', I left right after their set, and had a great time, my first gig since the middle of July. Oh boy have I been changed... I always thought Bar gigs were kinda not as good as All-Ages gigs. Well, I was wrong... Bar gigs are just as good as all-ages gigs, of course it's a different atmosphere, but they both rock! What a great fantastic show.