Once again, a new catalog! As you can see it has expanded by leaps and bounds since last time. I've added lots of new titles and will list new releases separately from now on so it's easier for my longtime mailorder pals. Remaining titles, restocks and older titles new to the mailorder will be in the other sections so look there too! In case you don't know the history, I've been doing mailorder now for almost eight years and try to deal with politically based music of all styles but especially punk, hardcore and emo. Since my store shut down in January of '98 I have been selling stuff out of my basement, at shows and through other friend's distros. I prefer to keep the exchange of punk/hardcore autonomous and therefore only deal with smaller bands and labels who are promoting what I feel to be important messages. We have already seen the infiltration of big business into punk and hardcore and that must stop. We must take back the avenues of communication and be self-sufficient. Trades are usually ok but ask first and if you need help with distro get in touch or send a sample. By the way, my name's Jason Schreurs and I love you all.

PSSST... Also, still fresh (couldn't fit this in the list!): ZINE YEARBOOK: Volume 2 book (Jen Angel) An amazing collection of the best zine articles of 1997. A spectacular read, 128 pages! $7.50

NEW RELEASES! NEW RELEASES! NEW RELEASES! NEW RELEASES! BLENDER: Self-titled CD (Mindpower) Heavy rock meets emo meets something strange, different and… new? Interesting band, check it out at this price… $8

BY A THREAD: Sampler tape (Landspeed) Three song demo of sorts taken from their upcoming full length. Powerful post-hardcore in the Quicksand vein. With dudes from Strain, Capone and Thumbscrew, dude! $3.50

CHOKEHOLD: Self-titled CD (Conquer The World) Found a couple of these in the dank, dark, dingey corner of my closet. It’s the original pressing from about three years ago. P.S. – Always go to the source with your hardcore scene rumors… $10

DIMINUTIVE: Sampler tape (Diminutive) The highlights of Greg’s distro on a handy sampler tape. Comes with info on how to get his catalog… $2

D.O.A.: “Festival Of Athiests” or “The Lost Tapes” or “Loggerheads” CD (Sudden Death/Alternative Tentacles) Some pilfered stock from these BC fossils who play hockey really rough and act like tough guys on the ice. Don’t even try to get between Joey Shithead and his goalie. Super low Unity sponsored price. $12 each

HUDSON MACK: “…Every Day” CD (self released) Another DIY production from the daddy macks (get it, macks?) of Victoria, BC politicore. Give me a break, comedy is tough at 4 a.m.. If you liked their splits with Goatboy… $9

MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY: “Haiku… Gesundheit” Double LP (Ragamuffin Soldier) Zillions of songs from the best jazznoisefuck band Victoria BC has ever spawned. Perhaps the world has ever spawned. Be prepared to be weirded out severely. $17 CD version - $13

QUETZAL/UNSCATHED HAVEN: Split CD (Rite Of Passage) This is Master Jim Risby’s band and solo material on a split CD. Gotta say, I like this a lot! Indie experimental with a DIY punk ethic about it. Wowee! And it’s CD-burned, no less! $9

SWALLOWING SHIT: “Let My Struggling Spirit In Itself Be Free” 7” (Spiral Objective) Insanity! Pure insanity! 11 songs of unreal brutal grindhardcore from Winterpeg. Great package, another fine release from the shit eaters. $4.50

TIDBITS: Issue #2 ‘zine (Buckweed) Well done half-sized dealy bob with strong writing and stark design. Political and personal writing… The personal is the political and all that jazz. $1.25

BOB WISEMAN: “More Work Songs From The Planet Of The Apes” or “Accidentally Acquired Beliefs” or “Beware Of Bob” CD (Grow Or Die) Quirky folky indie songwriter from Toronto, ON who used to be in Canada’s best forgotten Blue Rodeo band. You’ve come a long way Bob! $10 each

ZED/309 CHORUS: Split CD (Goatboy Farms) Old Neurosis meets a strange version of Hot Water Music. This CD is so pretty it made me tear up. No, really. Such good design and effort put into this. $11

BRAND NEW!!! The SCHtufff...Revolution Sampler tape. Can't decide on what to buy? For a sampler compilation tape of my newest releases send $2. Only $2 for 60 minutes of my best new stuff!

STILL FRESH! STILL FRESH! STILL FRESH! STILL FRESH! ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS: "Heroes?" 7" (45 Revolutions) Old school street-style punk rock with socially poignant lyrics. $4

ASIDE: "Victory Day" 7" (Sanjam) 13 minutes of french crust core. Intense female/male vocals, great lyrics! Good package all around. $4.50

AXIOM: "Establishing A Culture Of Resistance" 7" (Catchphraze) Four tracks of raging anarcho crust from Portland w/22 pg. booklet. $4

CHINE/XIII PFP: Split 7" (Double Down) Two PA heavy h/c bands, one is crazy metal ska, the other heavy bludgeon rock. What a mix, eh? $4

NOAM CHOMSKY: "Propaganda And Control Of The Public Mind" CD (G7 Welcoming Comittee/AK Press) A 2-CD set of spoken word. $15

DESECRATE: "Massgenocide" tape (Broken Noise) Powerful crusty hardcore from Singapore. Excellent lyrics and booklet, very informative. $3.50

DIAVOLO ROSSO: "Groove Down To The Riotrock" 7" (Bad Influence) Fucking punk rock. Heavy spastic punk with tons of melody. Wow! $4

HODGEPODGE: Issue #4 'zine (Mike Schade) Interviews with Los Crudos, Jason Farrell, Alex Dunham, Metroshifter. Good writing. $2

MANNER FARM: "We Is A Difficult Concept For Us" CD-EP (Labour Of Love) Six songs of intense melodic hardcore from the nicest boys. $6

NIPPER: "Psalms Of Purification" CD (Bad Influence) Blend of 7 Seconds style posi-core mixed with a straight edge sound. Energy-filled! $9

PARKINSON: "About A War" CD-EP (Broken Noise) Malaysian crust core done to the intense and raw extreme. Harsh, to say the least... $5

RENDER USELESS/MIRACLE OF 86: Split 7" (City Lights) Two RU classics with a couple competent emo tunes on the flip. Nice combo! $3

RENDER USELESS: Self-titled CD (Clue #2) A discography of everything to date of one of BC's best hardcore emo bands. A must have! $11

RETROGRESSION: Issue #14 'zine (Dave Grenier) A huge read - Submission Hold, superb article on the abortion debate, politics, diaries. $4

SCREAM AND BE HEARD: "Volume 1: Eastern Pennsylvania" CD (Double Down) Tough guy h/c comp. w/Chamber, Surrounded, Chine, Dysphoria, etc. $10

SAKE/SUBMISSION HOLD: Split LP (Hopscotch) Perhaps the best split LP of all time?!? Both of these bands are amazing hardcore. $9.50

STATIC 84: "Another Funeral" 7" (Bad Influence) Six more posi-core songs in the Dag Nasty/7 Seconds vein. On insanely thick German vinyl! $4

STATIC 84: "Inner Wall" CD (Bad Influence) Positive old school hardcore from Germany dealing with personal struggles. Solid release! $10

SUBMISSION HOLD: "Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick" CD (Ebullition) Beyond words, this is essential... $12

SUBMISSION HOLD: "Progress..." CD (Allium) Wow! Another of BC's best bands puts out a retrospect of sorts. Fucking get this!!! $7

SWING SET: Self-titled CD-EP (Pop Culture) EP of poppy emo that folks might compare to The Promise Ring or some other hot emo band. $6

SUB/STANCE: Compilation tape (Catchphraze) A benefit for the native people of Big Mountain. Submission Hold, Detestation, etc. $4

SURFACE: "Posthumous" 7" (Catchphraze) Heavy hardcore with harsh vocals and a touch of metal from California. Their final release. $4

THO KO LOSI: "Not At Total War... Yet" 7" (Ben Johnson) Brutal metal hardcore from AZ with wicked anti-Christian lyrics!!! Groovy. $4

WROUGHT:IRONSMILE: "This Is My Song, This Is My Story" 7" (Her Magic Field) Now defucked BC band. Too bad. Classic emo gold. $4

YOU, WHO ARE INNOCENT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WORTHY OF DEATH?: Compilation 7" (Catchphraze) Benefit for Vegan Outreach and Farm Sanctuary with Detestation, Tho Ko Losi, Morning Again, Capitalist Casualties and Upset. All of the proceeds to animal liberation! $4

7"RECORDS 7"RECORDS 7"RECORDS 7"RECORDS 7" RECORDS ACTIVE MINDS: "I'm Not A Tourist, I Live Here" (Loony Tunes) Probably their best record. A classic political punk band from England. $3

AUTONOMY: "A Faction Of Misery" (Mass Media) Political harcore with dual vocals and a cool fold-out record sleeve with tons of info. $3

BANNED FROM ATLANTIS/ELLIOT: Split (Fresh Bread) Another Winnipeg band combo. BFA had people from The Bonaduces. $3.50

BOB "BONDEX" JOHNSON: Self-titled (Liquid Meat) Insane noise rock from Germany in the vein of AmRep bands. $3

BONADUCES/BUCKO: Split (Fresh Bread) Two poppy/indie/punk bands from Winnipeg on one record! Both bands are full of enegy. $3.50

BREAKWATER/CLOSURE: Split (Mountain) Victoria, BC meets New York. Wonderful screamy emo h/c. $3.50

BUDGET: "Who Poured Beer In My Shoe?" (Mindpower) Beer is for frat boys and lumberjacks... Well-played pop-punk. $3

BUILDING CLUB/STINK: Split (Liquid Meat) Building Club are Everready in disguise and Stink are a popular NW pop-punk band. $3.50

CAVITY: "Goin' Ann Arbor" (Rhetoric) OR Split w/DAISYCUTTER (Self-released) Cavity are Sabbath meets Black Flag. Tar sludge riff rock. $3

CHARACTER BUILDER: "Animal" Rockin' punk from Craig O'Hara (author of "The Philosophy Of Punk") and his longhaired crew. $3.50

CROP DOGS: ""The First Mission"" (Round Flat) Sounds familiar... Crimp-breaker? Jaw-shine? At any rate here it is at a low price... $2.50

D.B.S./D.O.A.: Split (Empty/Sudden Death) Two songs by each classic Vancouver band. The elderly meets the young. Sorry... $4.50

D.B.S.: "When The Meek Get Pinched, The Bold Survive" (Crap Records) Their best/newest stuff yet with more emotion and talent. $4.50

DO IT YOURSELF: Compilation (Goodwill) Eversor, This Side Up, NIA Punx, Point Of View, etc. All excellent Italian punk bands! $3

DREGS OF HUMANITY: "Lessons Never Learnt" (Dry Retch) Australian grindy crusty punk. Comes with a patch and a sticker. Bonus! $3

ELLIOT: "Hateful Days"" (Fresh Bread) Hard yet melodic hardcore with John Sutton who now plays in The Weakerthans. Name-drop! $3.50

FIELDTREE: "Fleas In His Collar" (Winter) Found a couple more of these classic emo records from this great band. Now's yer chance. $3

FISHSTICKS/TITO O'TITO BAND: Split (I Am A Idiot) Two crazy bands on one crazy label. Sloppy garage emo? Fucking weird shit! $4

FLOWERSINCONCRETE: Self-titled (Yummy) Very original rock from Australia. Mid-tempo indie emo changes up to hardcore. $2.50

FOOLS NIGHT OUT: Compilation (Punque Ewe) Four Edmonton, AB bands - Fallout, Longshot, Why Even Try and Pryor. Pop-punk. $2.50

GLUE: ""From Here To Obscurity"" (Feeble) Black Flag and Nomeansno in a blender. Mmm, punk smoothie! Ok, that was lame... $2.50

GODSQUAD: ""Yesterday's Kids"" (Revs) The Stooges and The Rip-Offs beating each other up in a darkened alley. Very greaser-esque. $3

GLOBAL HOLOCAUST: "No More!" (Tobacco Shit) One of Quebec's best grindcore bands with excellent lyrics and lots of info. $4

THE GOONS: ""Bad Excuse"" (Torque) Old school hardcore with a touch of ska. Maybe a hint of Lee Ving (Fear) in the vocals? $4

HARD TO SAY: Self-titled (Polka-haunt-us) Four songs of fun, screamy emo punk from this short-lived band. Ah, the memories... $3.50

HERMIT: Split with ARMENIA OR ROY GBIV (Break Even) Noisy project from Eric of Third World Planet fame. Nightmare soundscapes. $2.50

HUGUENOTS: Self-titled (Push Pull) An earlier release by this now popular midwestern emo style band. A bit of Dischord-rock thrown in. $4

IRE: Self-titled (Schema) This is nuts! Intense noise-core in Rorschach ballpark. Technical hardcore, very heavy and emotional. $4

LET'S PUT THE X IN SEX: ""Just Like A Wartime Novelty"" (Hebdomadal Omphaloskepsif) Wacky Victoria supergroup! Pure cheeseball! $3

NO EXIT/PHONORAKES: Split (Rumble Fish) Two Italian bands kick some shit out, melodic hardcore style. Check it out... $3.50

NOTORIOUS LOVE AFFAIR: Self-titled (Per Koto) Stolen from Diminutive's catalog. Ex-Floodgate, chaotic emo/hardcore. $4

OBEY: WE HAVE GUNS: Compilation (Gabe Harper) A bunch of Missouri DIY bands of all different styles on a heartfelt release. $2.50

POSITIVE STATE: ""Label Me"" (Torque) Fairly melodic old-DC style punk/hardcore with lots of tempo breaks and change-ups. $4

POWER OF THE MIND: Compilation (Mindpower) Bands called Four, Pollen Art and Splitfinger do one song each. Heavy post-punk. $3

RENDER USELESS: "The Relationship Between..." (Mountain) I'll praise this one to my grave. Four songs of intense emo h/c from BC. $3.50

RENDER USELESS: Self-titled (Slow To Burn) Their amazing debut record back in stock! Four songs of catchy emo punk. A classic! $3

REPUBLIC OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS/RENDER USELESS: Split (Buddy Bomb) Two great Victoria bands, one horrible looking record. $3.50

RUSTY NAILS/SLUDGE: Split (Club Grotesque) Found some of these oldies lying around when we moved. Two classic Vancouver bands. $3

SAY UNCLE: Self-titled (Sour Note) Totally original poppy sorta punk a la Descendents but better, if you can believe that. Cheap... $2.50

SCENE VENTAGE: Compilation (Break Even) Back in stock! All over the place comp with 10 bands, mostly from Victoria. A steal at... $3

SINATRA: Self-titled (Rumble Fish) The label sez "punk-noise"but it's more like powerful emo-rock with some really cool effects! $3.50

STICKFIGURECAROUSEL: Self-titled (Schema) Another great band that plays heavy emo hardcore with screamy vocals and metalized riffs. $4

STRICTLY BALLROOM: Self-titled (I Am A Idiot) Spastic emo, screamed vocals, hand-made covers, very nice. An amazing record. $4

THIRD WORLD PLANET: "Air Quality Warning" (Diminutive) Insane noise damage from this two piece!!! Intelligent music for us all! $4

THIRSTY: "Getting Along Together" (Liquid Meat) Poppy sappy teenage love songs for poppy saps. With Davey Muddle on drums. $3.50

THIS SIDE UP/WHITE FROGS: Split (Goodwill) Two melodic hardcore bands from Italy a la early Bad Religion. When they were good. $3

VIOLENT CORE ATTACK: Compilation (Tobacco Shit) Wild record here! Ten of Canada's harshest grindcore bands. All over the place! $3.50

WILLIS: Self-titled (Motherbox) Juvenile pop-punk, four songs worth of it no less!!! Get your fill of that sound here for three bones. $3

WROUGHT:IRONSMILE: Self-titled (Diminutive) Very pretty emo sounds with great vocals. Gotta love it, gotta have it! Get it! $3.50

SALE! SALE! SALE! 7"RECORDS 7"RECORDS 7"RECORDS 7"RECORDS Get your fill of 7" vinyl at these CRAZY blow-out prices. $2 each! Three 7"s for $4! Five 7"s for $6! Ten 7"s for $8! You cannot fucking beat that! There's only one catch; I can't bring myself to list all of these titles so let me know what kind of stuff you like and I'll do my best to pick for you. Plus, it will be a surprise and we all like suprises, right? Also, FREE sale 7"s with every order over $20!!! Again, tell me what you like.

LARGER VINYL LARGER VINYL LARGER VINYL LARGER VINYL KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ: "Peasants By Birth..." LP (Farmhouse) Rowdy but political pop-punk by these pogo-ing potheads. $8

MCRACKINS/WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES: Split LP (Helter Skelter) Both bands are fun and talented. White Trash are hilarious! $10

MEATRACK/STAGMUMMER: Split 10" (No List) Pretty noisy shit from both bands. Jesus Lizard/Melvins style insanity rock... $9

PRIMRODS/WAGBEARD: Split 10" (Sloth) Riff rock on one side, pop-punk on the other. Good deal on Calgary bands of the past. $6

RED #9: "No Hope" LP (Farmhouse) Very rockin' punk from San Jose group of gals. A record that you will enjoy for its honesty. $8

REPUBLIC OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS/THIRD WORLD PLANET: Split 8.5" Flexi (Diminutive) Who said flexis can't sound good? $2.50

WHIRLING PIG DERVISH: "Three Small One Tall" (Gruff Wit) Holy shit! This is like Nomeansno in a steel cage match with a crust band. $10

COMPACT DISCS CDS COMPACT DISCS CDS COMPACT DISCS CDS A DOCUMENT OF NOTHING: Compilation (Second Nature) Harvest, Jejune, Walleye, Enkindel, Converge, Cycle, Despair, etc. $10

ANTHOLOGY OF UNDERGROUND MUSIC IN CANADA VOL.1: (Meathead) 35 bands!! Soy, Headcramp, Dinks, Racer 10, etc. $6

ANTHOLOGY OF UNDERGROUND MUSIC IN CANADA VOL. II: (Meathead) 26 bands - Soy, Return To Sender, Headcramp, etc. $7

ATOMIKS: ""Pontiac"" (Creature) Rockabilly alert!!! The cover art makes it seem like the lost OpIvy album but it's strong rockabilly. $6

BIG WOW: "Compilation (Daredevil) Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, did I mention Jon Cougar Concentration Camp? Plus five more. $6

BIKINI KILL: "Reject All American" (Kill Rock Stars) What turned out to be their last album from classic feminist Olympia punk band. $12

BRAND NEW UNIT: "No Heroes" (Heartfirst) Mainstay BC melodic hardcore band with albums on BYO and Creative Man. Killer!!! $8.50

...BUT ALIVE: "Bis Jetzt Ging Alles" (G-7 Welcoming Committee) Eclectic and anti-fascist revolutionary punk rock sung in German! $12

CONSOLIDATED: "Dropped" (G-7 Welcoming Committee) Activist hip-hop, rock, jazz, fusion, and noise all in one political wrapper. $12

CROP DOGS: ""Wave Motion Gun"" (Round Flat) Even more Jawbreaker sounding than the 7". Not bad at all and cheap, cheap, cheap... $6


EMILY: ""riverrun"" (Sanjam) Notre Dame emo-core band on a French label. Eight songs, 17 minutes of pure pain and pleasure. $6

FUEL: "Monuments To Excess" (Allied) What the fuck? You don't have the Fuel album? One of the best bands of all time! Mike Kirsch!!! $12

GO: Compilation (Fans Of Bad Productions) 47 of Canada's best h/c, punk and emo bands. Submission Hold, Grade, Propagandhi, etc. $10

HICKEY: Self-titled (Probe) Bizarre punk band from the Bay Area. They are maniacs - heavy, fast, funny as fuck, all over the map. $8

INTENSITY: "Bought And Sold" (Bad Taste) Older album by this Swedish posi-core band featuring the guy from Satanic Surfers on vox! $10

I SPY: "Perversity Is Spreading..." (G-7 Welcoming Committee) Everything they ever recorded on one CD. Melodic and frantic hardcorc. $12

IT CAME FROM THUNDER BAY: Compilation (Meathead) Ten indie bands from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Some really good stuff here. $6

IT'S ALL ABOUT SUPPORTING THE SCENE: Compilation (Violation) 14 bands from punk to hardcore to ska and back again. $10

JEFFREY & THE .6 SYSTEM: Self-titled (I Am A Idiot) Heavy poetic emo from California at the right price. A really scary bonus track. $6

JOSHUA: Self-titled EP (Immigrant Sun) Nice flowing emo rock tunes with strong vocals. First EP from this now trendy band. $6

KITTENS: "Bazooka & The Hustler" OR "Tiger Comet" OR "Doberman" (Sonic Unyon) Nutso tunes from freaks. Heavy as all shit. $12 each

KITTENS/SHALLOW N.D.: ""Rhinoceros Love"" Split (No List) Two of Canada''s heaviest bands on one split CD. Nice packaging! $12

LARD: "Pure Chewing Satisfaction" OR "Last Temptation Of Reid" OR "The Power Of Lard" (Alternative Tentacles) Jello Biafra sale! $12 each

MALEFACTION: "Smothered" (Out Of Enslavement) Heavy grind h/c with emotional lyrics and really strong production. Sweet. $8

MANY: ""Leech"" (BangOn) Jesus Lizard-esque post-punk for the sensitive soul wanting to break free. Way too old to sell for full price. $6

METHOD: Self-titled EP (Self-released) Metal emo with tons of nutso power and evil vocals and samples. Five songs, a dollar a song... $5

MOCK ORANGE: "Nines And Sixes" (Boiled Music/Lobster) I know, Lobster having an "emo division" is lame but this is good! Talented! $10

PLEASE DON'T FEED THE PIGEONS: Compilation (Skooby Snack) Good punk/hardcore comp here. Benefit for Herstreet in Montreal. $10

PROPAGANDHI: "Less Talk, More Rock" (Fat Wreck Chords) Best record of the millenium! Political, punk, the whole works. $13

PROPAGANDHI: "How To Clean Eveything" (Fat Wreck Chords) The album that the band wishes never existed?!? Still a classic!!! $13

REDSUGAR w/ ST. EUSTACHE: Self-titled (BangOn) Intense spoken word over heavy bluesey rock. A unique and scary experience. $10

SHOCK TREATMENT: "We're Back Home" (Rumble Fish) Cool new album from these post-punkers from Italy. Free EP if you act fast! $10 SORRY DOGS: ""No Dogs Aloud"" (Affinity) Ex-Batallion Of Saints and Skid Marks members play SNFU-style melodic punk. $6

SOURMASH: ""Allright Captain"" (It Is.) Cross between The Pixies and Pond. Pretty rockin' but old, so take it away at this price! $5

SPARKMARKER: "500wattburneratseven" (Crisis/Revelation) A sorely missed Vancouver band on a big NY label. Get it while it lasts! $12

WADE-FREE WHEREVER: "Compilation" (SCHtufff...) d.b.s., Facepuller, The McRackins, Artless Motives, Gus, Haggis + four more. $6

WEAKERTHANS: "Fallow" (G-7 Welcoming Committee) Folk punk at its best from these ex-folks from Propagandhi, Elliot, etc. $12

WRETCHED ETHYL: ""Cranky"" (SCHtufff...) Cross between early X, Elastica and Naked Raygun. Tell me that doesn't sound rad. $8

SALE! SALE! SALE! COMPACT DISCS CDS COMPACT DISCS CDS I have lots of leftover CD stock laying around. If you like to gamble then send info on what you like and I'll pick... Only $6 each! Also, FREE Wade-Free Wherever Compilation CD (see above for description) with every order over $40. Just ask, and I'll throw one in for you!

TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES TAPES BIKINI KILL: "Reject All American" (Kill Rock Stars) What turned out to be their last album from classic feminist Olympia punk band. $8

BLUE: "Projector" (M) A one-man 4-track project of lovely alternative sounds. Reminds me of Eric's Trip but better, of course. $3

BLUE: "Lo-Fi Fantasy" (M) Earlier tape by Chad. A little more on the Lou Barlow indie-expirement side of things. Nice sounds. $3

8:11 ON A SUMMER NIGHT: Compilation (Diminutive) New York City Rhythm, Third World Planet, Warsaw Union, Rot:Ironsmile. $2.50

GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN OF THE BEAST: "The Anabis Show" (Tapeworm) Crazy Motley Crue noise cover band with ex-X In Sex. $2.50

HARD TO SAY: "I Want Charles In Charge Of Me" - A tape recorded in a bathroom! Short lived Victoria band worth documenting. $2.50

IT'S ALL ABOUT SUPPORTING THE SCENE: Compilation (Violation) 14 bands from punk to hardcore to ska and back again. $6

LET'S PUT THE X IN SEX: "Gag Me With A Spoon!" (Hebdomadal Omphaloskepsif) Fucking crazy cover band. All hail the metal!!! $2.50

HERMIT/LET'S PUT THE X IN SEX: "Live At CBGB" Split - Noisy insanity meets cheezy metal covers with keyboards. I dare you... $2.50

LIVE FROM THE BOWELLS: Compilation. (Powell River DIY Youth) Live recordings from Powell River shows with cool BC bands. $2.50

JAMES RUPPER/HERMIT/LET'S PUT THE X IN SEX: 3-Way Split (Pure Fucking Chaos) Three noise bands, can you stand it? $2.50

WRETCHED ETHYL: Incision Dress - Six songs from now dead early X style punk'n'roll band. Take it away for the low, low price of... $2 I have lots of leftover tapes laying around. If you like to gamble then send info on what you like and I'll take my sweet little pick... $3 each.

'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES AHIMSA: Spectacle #3.5 (Theo Witsell) A comprehensive DIY guide to revolution in the kitchen. Veganism, health, ecology. $1

DECADES OF CONFUSION FEED THE INSECT: Issue #7, #8, #10, #15, #16, #17 (Justin) Downright scary stuff. Disturbing. $1 each

EVENTIDE: Issue #2 (Toby Carrol) Newsprint interview zine w/Ink & Dagger, Ignite, Sweetbelly Freakdown, etc. Good Q&A's $1

FLOWERS FROM THE RAIN: Vol.1 (Robert Sutter III) One of the punk's best writers, a compilation of #1-12 of his great 'zine. $4

HEARTATTACK: Latest Issue (Kent McLard) I usually have the current issue in stock thanks to Mike Seale Distro, Inc. $1.50 or .50 w/order

HODGEPODGE: Issue #2, #4 (Mike Schade) Newsprint, interview/review/columns 'zine that just keeps getting better and better. $2 each

I'M JOHNNY AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK: Issue #3 (Andy) Submission Hold's bass player gets us hooked on his crazy encounters. $3

INDY: Issue #1, #2, #3, #4 (George Sweetman) Good Calgary, AB scene coverage. Stuff on skating, politics, punk scene, etc. $1.50 each

INSISTERHOOD: Issue #1, #2, #3, #4 (Rebecca) Informative look at violence against womyn and sexism. free with any order, just ask

JOURNAL OF STABILITY: Issue #1 (Dallas Whitley) A guide for the socially inept. Essays, stories, articles, interviews, reviews. $1.50

LOOK THE OTHER WAY: Issue #3, #4, #5 (Greg Pratt) You'll cry your fucking eyes out! This kid is soooo emo (and metal). $1.50 each

MUDDLE: Issue #8, #9, #10, #14 (Dave Brown) Thick newsprint music/culture mag akin to Punk Planet's ilk. $1.50 each, $3 for #14

MYSTICAL MAGICAL LAND OF OZ: Issue #5/6 (Nick Normal) Thin but good political 'zine from St. Louis with some music stuff. $1

OLD GOAT: Issue #1, #2 (Kevin Coates) Interviews, reviews, rants, and more from an ol' guy. Some personal stuff too. Half-sized. $1 each

OTAKU: Issue #3 (Jeff) Cool perzine about Ottawa area spots, and everday excursions into nature as well as the metropolis. $1.50

PLAYGROUND MESSIAH (Emily Heiple/Nate Powell) Wonderful comic reprinted by Tree Of Knowledge. Tale of school and punk... $2.50

PUNK PLANET: Issue #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16 (Dan Sinker) The pre-Mordam back issues... $2.50 each

SANJAM: Issue #3, #4, #5 (Yann Dubios) Original styled Q&A zine. Anyone who has ever read this says it's really good. $2 each

SCHTUFFF...: Issue #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 (Jason Schreurs) Hey, that's me! Articles on music and social/political/personal. Babble. $2 each

SCHTUFFF... Road Map: (Jason Schreurs) A handy directory for BC, like BYOFL but way better and regionalized to BC. $1 or stamps

SECOND NATURE: Issue #3, #4, #5 (Daniel Askew) Thick off-setted mag with great photos. Turned into a powerhouse h/c label. $3 each

664: Issue #1 (Jay Newman) Great newsprint zine covering good bands for a change (like The Monorchid). Emo, hardcore photos. $1.50

SMALL SERVICE WITH A BIG STATE: Issue #1, #2 (Nathan) Prank phone calls, silly interviews, humorous antics, etc. $1.50 each

SPECTACLE: Issue #4 (Theo Witsell) I've brought this back into stock because it will change your life forever!!! The best 'zine... $3

SPECTACLE: Issue #4.5 (Theo Witsell) The latest in a long line of outstanding publications from Theo. Lengthy travel diary. $1.50 SUB-PULSE: Issue #1, #2, #3 (Daniel Kingery) Newsprint deal with punk band interviews. A good resource for pop-punk stuff. $1 each

TEN THINGS JESUS WANTS YOU TO KNOW: Issue #19 (Dan Halligan) Northwest legendary punk mag. One of the best!!! $2.50

THOUGHT BOMBS: Issue #1/2, #3/4, #5, #6 (Anthony Rayson) A 45 year old anarchist, athiest, abolitionist pours his heart out. $2 each

TWENTY BUS: Issue #7, #8 (Kelli) Personal stories of the riding the bus and all the crazy kooks she runs in to on her travels. $1 each

URCHIN: Issue #6 (Ava Diehl) Well-done personal 'zine with thoughts on sexism in the scene, travel diaries, sXe, and more. $1.50

WEAKNESS: Issue #4 (Christian Soderholm) Slick offset emo 'zine from Sweden with band interviews, diaries, reviews. Super layout! $3

WHIZZBANGER GUIDE TO ZINE DISTRIBUTORS: Issue #1 (Shannon Colebank) Good resource here for 'zinesters needing distro. $4

WOUNDIG: Issue #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 (Kristy Gordon) Vegan recipes, personal stories, lots of comics, etc. $1.50 each, $2 for #6

ZIPS & CHAINS: Issue #10 (Dario Adamic) Interviews w/ Avail, Fugazi, Nomeansno, Civ, NOFX, some Italian bands and many more. $2

SALE! SALE! SALE! 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES 'ZINES I always have extra zines lying around. So, if you want a grab bag of zines, send me $5 and I'll load up an envelope for you! $5 grab bag. Also, FREE sale zines with every order over $20! Just ask and I'll throw some in!

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS ANSWER ME: "The First Three" (Jim and Debbie Goad) A collection of the controversial Answer Me zines #1-#3. Nihilistic views. $18

PROSPEROUS FEW AND THE RESTLESS MANY: "Real Story Series" (Noam Chomsky) Interviews with famous anarchist writer $7.50

TALES FROM THE CLIT: "A Female Experience Of Pornography (Cherie Matrix) Collection of writings by feminists in favor of porno. $15

CHRONICLES OF DISSENT: "In Conversation" (Noam Chomsky) A huge read of interviews by famous anarchist linguist. Lots of info. $16

If you collect comic books (Marvel, DC, etc.), I have a shitload for sale. Just send me a list of what you want and I'll let you know...



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