Sechelt Peninsula

(The Sechelt Peninsula is between Powell River and Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast. To get
to Sechelt, Gibsons, Roberts Creek or Pender Harbour you need to take a ferry from either
direction which costs about $40 by car, about $10 on a bike, and $7 on foot. If you
stay on the peninsula you only have to pay one-way but if you travel on to Vancouver south
or Powell River north you will be dinged another $40, $10 by bike, or $7 on foot by BC
Ferries money-grubbing corp. for the way back )


(604-885-5535, 604-740-0044)
5604 Highway 101/Sechelt/BC
Small shows in a small town. Great guy that does a fan-fucking-tastic job on promotion!

Pro sound guy who does all-ages shows once in awhile.


(Jamie Elder - 604-885-5535, 604-740-0044)
5604 Highway 101/Sechelt/BC
The best skate shop I've ever seen that sells some music as well.


(Rebecca Watkin)
RR#1/Heather Site C69/Sechelt/BC/V0N 3A0
An excellent 'zine that talks about violence against women and sexism in our society.

RR#6-S15-C20/Gibsons/BC/V0N 1V0
Wonderful personal zine with political info, recipes, etc. Write her for info on the Sunshine Coast.

(Dave aka Johnny Fukno - 604-885-9312)
C69 Heather Site RR1/Sechelt/BC/V0N 3A0
$1.50 gets you Pinch Hazard #8 package full of wholesome goodness. Interviews with Jason
Schreurs & Jamie Elder, articles on sexist skateboard culture, how much people are truly
against sexsim and lots of ranting and raving. Also includes a mini-zine of my horrible
poetry and InSisterhood - a pamphlet on women's rights. Help Me!!! I'm working on a
compilation tape that would be a benefit for starting a Food Not Bombs in my town. If you
are interested in being on, contact me before May 31st.

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