SCHtufff... Road Map #5.5
- A D.I.Y. Guide To The Punk/Hardcore Scene In British Columbia
Prince George
Williams Lake
Lower Mainland
Sechelt Peninsula
SUBMISSIONS: I need your help. If you know of people who book shows, if you are in a band that is looking for shows, if you do a 'zine, a label, a distro, a record store, if you know of any independent restaurants or hang-outs, political activists or organizations, or anything else that would be considered a DIY project in BC - contact me. I will list you in this flyer for free.
If you are already listed in here and want to send updates (i.e. - a phone number or address has been changed) or you aren't happy with the current listing then, by all means, quit complaining and get writing. I can't read your mind. Ready? ...I won't be able to predict the future when I can't even keep up with the past.
Any listings in italics are written by me. If it's not in italics it was written by either the person/people being listed or someone else who has first hand experience with that particular listing.
This is another one of my crazy DIY money-losing ventures. Donations of cash, postage or any other supplies I could use would be mucho appreciated. Also, if you have access to a photocopier and want to make copies of the map to spread around, please do so. Please contact me first though. Having a few people around BC making copies for me would really help with distro.
If your scene sucks, do something about it. No more excuses!

Jason Schreurs 

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