Get your project (cd, tape, vinyl, zine, etc.) distributed by the schtufff...revolution
The SCHtufff... Revolution is looking to expand its distribution and mailorder with more socially
conscious, politically-based music and 'zines. i have been doing mailorder
and distro since late '91 and have acquired a solid and loyal
customer base from selling at shows, through the mail and to independent
record stores. i am now regularly updating my catalog and sending out
more handbills and ads than i ever have in the past. i also sell the
schtufff... revolution stock out of my basement after closing down my
own store in jan.98 after three years of business. i prefer to deal with
only hardcore/punk/emo/grind that is done non-profit and with a message
that i see to be useful to the kids that buy stuff from me. vegan,
pro-choice, athiest, independent, anarchist, eco-friendly are all welcomed
but i'm not limiting myself. any messages or music which i find
interesting will be pursued and carried. i prefer trades to anything
else so i've enclosed a trade list and a mailorder catalog, see those
for more details on trading. if you don't like trades or can't do them
then consignment is the next best for me and i rarely pay fast as it
takes a long time to sell even five copies of something. rarely will i
pay up front since i usually use my distro money to pay off stuff i've
already sold. sorry about the form letter, i'll try to write a note down
below and specify what it is on your label i'd like to carry and why i
chose to contact you.

jason schreurs.

schtufff... revolution
- c/o jason schreurs
7110 westminster st./powell river /bc
v8a 1c6

if you are sending stuff from out of country please mark the parcel as a gift and keep
the value low so i don't have to pay duty from the greedy guts at customs canaduh?

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