If you want to be one of the, "Punk Girls Make Me Melt!" girls... Well, we'd have to hit it off and you have to have a cool picture, too. A website would be nice as well, so other punk rockers can learn more about ya. So, get in touch girls. I know you wanna be famous!

Sarah makes me melt.

This is Sarah, she is from William's Lake, British Columbia, Canada. She's a babe, isn't she? I just met her today [December 12th] and I thought she was pretty cool right away, I met her in the #punk channel on Undernet iRC. It's very rare, to meet someone who's an all around cool person on iRC, which is too bad. I called Sarah long distance today [December 14th] and we talked for 3 and a half hours, she is an awesome person. We talked about alot of things, we did start talking at midnight, I can't remember what we talked about right now, but we talked about a whole bunch of stuff, and my heart was right she has an awesome personality... It makes me wish she lived near me, so we could hang out all the time. Oh well. I think my heart has a crush on her, too. Come check out her website, right now it's under construction and only has a Bio and pictures of herself and her friends on it. but it's still great. Check out her cool Bio. You can also leave her a message in her guestbook if you'd like, which I think you should! Last but not least, Sarah makes me melt.