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An Essay On Freedom

Many times I have heard people say that anarchism won't work. They will say, 'We need a government.' I am writing this short essay to show why I think we don't 'need a government.'

People seem to like to ask the question, 'What would we do without police?' alot. I think the question that needs to be asked is, why do we need police? Simple answer, to protect us from criminals, murderers, and rapists, ect. If you were to closely look at nearly all these situations, you could atribute them to this society and how it raises children.

Criminals; they steal because this capitalist society instills in us from birth the want for items, then charges us a price for them. So, people believe they *need* these items. What do they do because they can't afford them and *need* them? The steal, thus becoming criminals.

Murderers; except in the case of the mentally ill, there would be none of this in a *true* anarchist society. Children are raised knowing only that hiting or using violence as means to a question is the only way. We may say, 'don't hit' or 'beating up other kids is wrong', but what do you expect when all that is on tv is killing, violence and all thier toys are little soldiers. What do you expect when all little boys are raised to be army clones for the war machine. You raise a kid on violence and murder, then you get all excited and mad when they kill someone... I blame no one but you then.

Rapists; we raise womyn to be 'submissive' and to dress 'pretty'. Men treat womyn like they are something to be had. Men believe womyn are here for them and when womyn don't 'put out' men feel it is there right to take what is thiers. It is wrong, it is horrible, but what do you expect when womyn are treated like painted objects to be bought and sold like an object... Once again, to be had.

Now, lets take a look at what governments do for us... Seriously... What do they do for us that we could not do on our own? They regulate laws. If we truly needed laws, we could do that on our own, don't you think? Each community could decide what is best for itself.

What are laws anyways? Laws are in place to keep 'order'. Who's this order for anyways? You? Me? Who? The government makes laws, all we can do is say if we agree with them or not. They use a police force to, well, enforce the laws. If you don't do what this government says, you go to our own little gulags called jails. I say laws are not here for us, the people, they are here to further the interests of the capitalists. The rich seem to get out of crimes nicely. In the past the rich could pay to get out of military service, can they still? I dunno.

How truly free are we when the multitudes can starve and the rich sit in thier modern day castles with alarm sytems and dogs to guard themselves from the 'rable'? We can all starve and do you think the rich will do anything? I don't think so. It's a sad state indeed when people starve and they still charge money for the needs of the populace. You try to break into a rich grocers store because your starving and what happens here in the 'land of the free'? Just like history has proved, they send in the police and armies to maintain *order*.

So far I have just pointed out what is wrong with this society, I think that is good enough reason for a change.

Many ask what a society with no government will look like. I can't answer that and no one can. I don't know if we'll have computers, electricity, or anything. I know we will be free. I believe in the humyn spirit. I believe if we are 'great' enough to make government's, then we are great enough to abolish them.

All people need for a society without a government to work is solidarity. The only thing holding back this society is patriotism, nationalism, anything to do with faith and blind obedience to this system that is cheating us of the one thing they talk about every day... Freedom.

We can be free... All we have to do is believe we can do it. In the Chiapas now people live without a governemnt from what I hear. The anarchists did it in Spain in thier civil war. The Jura conferderation did it. It happened in Seattle in February 1919, it could happen where you live if you want it to happen.

The only thing stopping you is what they've told you. You have to believe in yourself. the government lie's to you for thier own means. Don't let them convince you your free so long as they have laws and police to enforce them. Don't let them convince you your equal so long as one person starves to death while people sit in thier mansions and eat food so expensive it could feed a family for a week.. A month. Don't let them convince you they are trying thier best so long as someone freezes at night while someone lives in a mansion or has two houses.

You are your own person. Don't let them convince you otherwise. You have a right to freedom. You have a right not to starve and freeze at night. You have a right to live without fear of the government or police. Don't ever let them convince you otherwise.

By: Steve

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