January 16th. Today I added about 20 new links in the Link Directory, check it out, I wanna make it the biggest punk/Alt./political directory on the 'net, it now has 240 links!

Jan. 06, 99. A few updates, I put up a old Swingin' Utters interview in the interviews area, making it 10 awesome interviews so far! As well as "Brian's Lonely Babblings" in the columns section, check it out!

January 2nd, '99. I just stuck up a interview with the very cool punk band, D.B.S. and that's it for now, hopefully more in the future after I get out of lock up. I've been locked up in this place for people with mental problems since Christmas Eve. And, have to go back tonight when my day pass runs out, I even had to spend Christmas Day and New Years Eve/Day there, that sucked. Anywaysy, Talk to you all soon.

Dec. 21st: I stuck up a interview for Pea Shooter (Thanks, Prawker! =), some more "Free Stuff" links, new photos for the Submission Hold interview, as well as the same photos and a Propagandhi song for the postcards. I also stuck up a "Communication HQ" section, for guess what? Communication! If you like to communicate, you'll like this section alot. I also stuck up a new piece of writing by me called, "Animals Deserve Rights, Too." in the columns section. You can also find this in the Message Board section, as well.

I just stuck up interviews for Reset and Another Joe, two decent skate punk bands on December 16th, read 'em. Especially the Reset one. I think I do prefer (maybe) Reset over Another Joe, because they seem to have more originality which is always important when playing music. Both put on great live shows, however. I also stuck up Recent News I have written which you can find a link for under, "About The Editor."

Okay, it's December 12th now. I added the Save Mumia Abu-Jamal page which you can find a link to on the "Index Page" as well as The Free Stuff for download section which you can find on the same page as well. I also stuck up Fuzz 58 and Submission Hold interviews. As well as "Political Announcements" link in the Politics section. Oops, I also added "Punk Girls Gallery" which will be filled with girls who are my online friends who have cool picures and hopefully websites too, to boot! You do haave to have a really good picture for the gallery, it's going to be showcasing the best pictures of some of the nicest punk girls. Enjoy yourselves! Everyday it's coming closer to "Christmas" a day which I'll be spending alone this year... Oh well. I spend all my days alone, so it's no different.

December 9th, Put up a Free E-mail system you can use for E-mail instead of all those big corporate types, as well as Mykel Board's column from the February issue of MaximumRockNRoll, Should put more up later today, I hope. Oh, I almost forget, I also updated the SCHtufff... catalog under "B.C. Roadmap".

Okay, December 4th. I stuck up an old Anti-Flag interview I did for my old paper 'zine, Agree To Disagree and here check out the Anarcho Punk Federation (AFA) as well, Click here.

I guess, it's December (2nd to be exact) now, one of the dumbest months of the year. Where people "consume" to show someone how much they care about you, too bad they aren't smart enough to do it with their heart instead of heartless gifts. I won't even get into the billions (?) the rich are making off of this scam or the millions of kids in slave labour making these goods for you to show how much you care about those people in your lives, it really is too bad we only care about the people in our lives and not the kids in slave labour camps making these goods. Anyways, I stuck up a "B.C. Roadmap" it's a guide to most of the bands in my area of British Columbia, Canada, check it out!

Hey guys, it's Buy Nothing Day (Nov. 27th), as I write this. Participate by Not Participating! I also stuck up an interview with Standard Issue and The Francophobes in the interviews area. Check it out! Also, click on Anarchism F.A.Q. for some Frequently Asked Questions about Anarchism. I also stuck up a Disinformation search engine and I want you to check out SCHTUFFF... Distribution for the best distribution in Canada. Last, but not least, I stuck up the "Now is the Time" book for your reading pleasure!

Okay, as of November 18th, '98. I have some updated news, it's here though because it wouldn't fit on this page. You'll have to close this window after it pops up to keep reading the website, as well. Thank you. Happy reading, and ICQ me sometime!

People keep telling me I have too much stuff on my webpage, well... I have a good idea! How about you BOOKMARK my page and come check it out later on when you have more time? Thanks!

If your looking for the "Link Directory" (Mini Search Engine) to add your site too, it's in the column on your left. So, if you have a Music or Skateboarding/Snowboarding site, get on in there! Thanks.