Aol Sucks! : (Why American Online Sucks)
Alternatives : (Info. for Social Change)
Art Bell : (Radio Personality)
Artists Against Racism:
Ask-a-Chick : (Ask Anything)
Ask-A-Guy: (Ask A guy anything!)
Boycott Disney!: (Official Page)
Canadian Music:(Official Page)
C.W.I.A.: (Canadian Women's Internet Assoc.)
Centre For The Easily Amused:
Concerned Singles: (Single Caring People)
Cyber Arcade : (Online Arcade)
DisInformation : (Informational)
Female Nerd : (Makes You Think)
Free Advice: (The easy to use site for legal info)
Free Cartoons: (Good Comics)
Free The Children: (Organization started to free Children of the World from Oppression)
Free (Support Free Speech!)
Gajoob Media: (DIY is theGame.)
Hit Exchange: (Banner exchange with a heart.)
Jenna's Homepage: (My X-Girlfriend's (Dec. 97) homepage!)
Jenny Jones: (Official TV Show Page)
Jerry Springer: (Official TV Show Page)
Kindness Inc.: (Supporter of Random Acts of Kindness)
Moxie Nation: (Independence Freedom.)
Nardwuar The Human Serviette : (Wacky Guy)
New Age Tarot Reader:
Newbury Comics Interactive:
Open Debate: (Communication is the Key.)
Race Traitor : (Equality)
Refuse and Resist!: (A political activist's dream site!)
Nike Sucks: ('Official' Nike Haters Club)
Rock Out Censorship!:
Sam 'N Ellas Punk Rock Cafe:
Share Our Strength: (It takes more than food to fight hunger.)
Ted Rall: (Social-Commentary Cartoonist)
2 Play Live Golf: (Play golf on the 'net!)
UFO British Columbia:
Ultimate Band List: (Bands Galore!)
Unamerican Activities : (Political Distributor)
Vancouver Hardcore : (Canada)
V.I.P. [TV Show]: (Pamela Anderson Lee's new TV Show)
Virtual Safe Zone : (Safe Place for Gay, Bi, Transgendered youth)
Web Games City: (700+ online games!)
Womyn Organization:
Youth Alliance Against Internet Censorship:
Youth Hall Of Fame: (Virtual)

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