These files should work fine on all your computers (IBMs), if they do not for whatever reason, I do not wish to take the blame. Download these files at your own risk. If any copyrights are in jeopardy as well (i.e. the Coca Cola (tm) download), I will take the files that cross these lines off right away, just let me know. But, if you want my honest opinion, I think everything is fine here, so happy downloading!

Free Gifts for you at Christmas Time!

Fanzine Goodies:

Caustic Truths Music 'zine: You can find issues 63 and 64 in this directory in Adobe Acrobat format, as well as 2 sessions of their radio show in real audio format.


Lost Island of Alanna (16 meg download)

Miscellaneous Goodies:

A great download gift from Coca Cola (tm)

Chicken is Good Food Goodies: Themes, Icons and other swell downloadable goods.

Tired of the MS Windows 95 logo? Change it to Vegan 98!

Music Goodies:

G-7 Welcoming Committee MP3's: MP3's by Noam Chomsky, Propagandhi, I-Spy, Consolidated, the Weakerthans and more. Not sure if these are full songs. All legal put out by G-7.

10 Things Records MP3's: MP3's by the best, and I mean the best Northwest Punk bands. Submission Hold, Whorehouse of Represenatives, Whipped, Bristle, Neck-Tie and more. Full songs, too. All legal put out by 10 things.

Ani Difranco stuff galore!: Videos and interviews, concerts, songs and more in real audio.

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets goodies: Screen Saver and MP3's by this great band. All legal.

The Francophobe's MP3 section: Roughly over 10 MP3's for download, not sure if full songs or not. All legal. Video/Commercials Goodies:

Adbuster's Uncommercials: TV commercials viewable on your PC for Buy Nothing Day, TV Turnoff Week, Autosaurus, Obsession Fetish, G-8 Summit and more. All viewable in quick time. View them then right click and download them and give them to your friends!