Communication is the Key!

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You're all probably saying right now, "Why does this fool have links to message boards from other websites?? Is he nuts?" Well, I'm not really nuts, I just thought it'd be a good time for us to Unite and become a strong group of individuals to fight the injustices in this world. That's what punk's about it, so I might as well start it off, to do that, we must all get together and communicate, so I've brought that avenue of communication one step closer, all you have to do is log into this page, and read messages in all these messages boards spread out over the world and get some thoughts brewing and hopefully we'll help out each other at the same time and make us all more educated. These message boards aren't necessarily about your favorite bands, break rules and talk about anything, let's get these walls between us down and let's Unite and Communicate, and soon we will fight. I will have better message boards in the future, so watch out for them. If you know of any url's for more message boards (MB's), e-mail me them. Thank you.