Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 00:50:11 -0500
From: stan is the bastard (
Subject: Anarcho Punk Federation

The Anarcho Punk Federation is a loose federation of anarchist punks 
working toward making a social change and creating a viable 
counterculture from punk rock rather than the stale subculture which 
exists today.  This federation is a means for active anarchist punks 
to organize and communicate with one another in order to lend mutual 
support and begin to create a real movement for social change within 
the subculture.

The current structure of the APF is based on Primary Groups located 
in regions around the globe.  The role of the primary group is to be 
contact for a particular region to distribute "Counterculture" (the 
APF newspaper).  Primary groups should also be working in their area 
to propogate the ideals of anarchism in the punk scene and beyond.  
Primary Groups have also made commitments to help fund 
"Counterculture" through benefit shows and other donations.  So far, 
there are 12 Primary Groups with new groups forming every day.  The 
twelve are as follows:

Connecticut APF
c/o Us Against Them
107 Occum
83 Windham St.
Willamantic, CT 06226

Illinois APF
c/o Subvert Collective
PO Box 624
Manteno, IL 60956-0624

Maryland APF
PO Box 65431
Baltimore, MD 21209

Minnesota APF
PO Box 3491
Duluth, MN 55803

New Hampshire APF
c/o Geoffrey McNamara
RFD #2 Box 172
Peterborough, NH 03458

Maine APF
c/o Autonomous Action
3 Vaughn St.
Farmingdale, ME 04344

New York APF
c/o SFW?
253 Alexander St. Apt. 322
Rochester, NY 14602

Texas APF
c/o STS Zine
PO Box 1611
Houston, TX 77251

Washington APF
c/o Molly
4977 19th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98108

APF Japan
c/o Ryuji Asada
102 Nakane House 3-25-20
Kdenji Minami Suginami Ku
Tokyo 166

APF Phillipines
c/o Punks Not Thugs Collective
PO Box 148
Taguig P.O. M. Mla.

APF Poland
c/o Wotjek Kuczynski
PO Box 115
Bialystok 26

Aside from the Primary Groups, there are thousands of individual 
supporters.  Any individual anarchist punk who works to make 
anarchism a reality in their lives to whatever extent possible is 
free to be an APF supporter.

"Counterculture" is the primary voice of the APF.  It is published by 
the MD Primary Group as a way of communicating ideas about anarchism 
and its relation to punk culture.  To date, there have been three 
issues of "Counterculture" with a press run of 3000 copies each.  
These have been very expensive to produce and mail, so donations are 
greatly needed and appreciated.  "Counterculture" is currently being 
distributed through primary groups and certain anarchist punk 
distributors.  For a copy, please contact the Primary Group closest 
to you.

Finally, the APF mailing list has been created to further help 
organize anarchist punks.  You may subscribe to it by e-mailing

For more information on the APF, please contact the Primary Group in 
your area.