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From: refuse@calyx.com
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 18:35:12 EST
Subject: Refuse & Resist!

Hello friend,

Welcome to 1998 in America. The year opened with the lethal bombing of an abortion clinic in Birmingham, AL. Then James Byrd, a Black man in Texas, was tied to the bumper of a truck by racists and dragged to his death. Next two Anti-Racist Action activists were murdered in Las Vegas. Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming student was tortured and murdered by two fellow students. In Buffalo, NY Dr. Slepian, an abortion provider, was gunned down in his home. And around the country police killings have continued along with the criminalization of an entire generation, particularly among young people of color.

Recently, the PA Supreme Court denied the appeal of political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal. Mumia has become the pole around which opposition to this program is gathering, precisely because of his uncompromising resistance to this whole agenda. This decision is a signal that they plan to go ahead with his execution and show the world what America does to its dissenters. They have thrown down a challenge and it is up to the people to make justice happen.

There is a new politics of cruelty, which is forcing the poor off welfare, allowing brutal police to murder and go unpunished, while labeling an entire generation of youth "criminals" or "permanent suspects", violently assaulting abortion providers and women's clinics, and all the while telling everyone else "hey, just look the other way. And hope it doesn't hit YOU TOO."

You're angry. You know you're being lied to. And you want to do something about it.

And you Can. There has been widespread resistance, and there WILL be more. October 22nd was the third annual National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality; a day marked with rallies and events in over 60 cities. When Matthew Shepard was killed people stood up in vigils and protests across the country. The day Dr. Slepian was killed Refuse & Resist! went to Buffalo to help focus a national spotlight on the need to defend abortion providers.

And in response to the latest outrage in the case of Mumia people across the country called emergency events and are trying to figure out the ways to bring his case to everyone's doorstep. We're also getting ready for 1999, with the Feb 26th National Student/Youth Day for Mumia, and a National Day for Mumia on April 24th (Mumia's birthday).

Plus, March 10th is going to be the third Annual National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. Send your local abortion providers letters of appreciation to let them know that we will not let them be marginalized anymore.

We at Refuse & Resist! come together from a wide variety of political outlooks and backgrounds, determined to reach out to the thousands of others who are ready to join the rising tide of resistance! If you are outraged about what's going on today, if you want to join others who are speaking out, and acting for change, then you need to become a card-carrying member, of Refuse & Resist! This will keep you informed and connected to others around the country who are building resistance.

It's all one attack, so don't be someone who just lets it happen. Let us know what you can do, and we will send you more information.

We are an entirely volunteer organization. It is through the financial support of our members that we are able to build this movement. YOU can make a difference in our efforts to reach out, and fight back, against the American reactionary agenda, by joining NOW.

In resistance, your National Office staff of Refuse & Resist!

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS: Student: $10 per semester; Resister: $25; Trouble Maker: $35 ($35 + receive R&R! Keith Haring T-shirt, please indicate size - L or XL); Rabble Rouser: $50; Outside Agitator: $75; Unindicted Co-conspirator: $100.

Make checks & money orders payable to Refuse & Resist! Mail to 305 Madison Avenue, Suite 1166, NY NY 10165.

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