Animals Deserve Rights, Too.

I was searching the internet and I came across a website promoting the slaughter of animals, (Eating meat, wearing fur, etc) I found this is be seriously disgusting that any human being would make fun of or promote the death's of millions of animals in the most painful ways anyone could even ever imagine possible.

We all know (most of us) that eating meat isn't good for us, and so on and so forth. Goto any Vegetarian page and they'll show you that. We also know murder is wrong. And, murdering animals is wrong, too. And, when you purchase meat from a dead animal or a jacket made of dead animals you are supporting murder. Not just of animals but of mother earth, if you goto any Vegetarian webpage, they'll tell you how. (How eating meat hurts the earth.)

I have been searching long and hard for information pertaining to how eating meat harms the earth, and I know the information is out there and available because I have seen it plenty of times, I've only been able to find info about the animals and what they go through, so here goes:

"THE FOUR-FOOD GROUP FALLACY the "four-food groups" or "food pyramid" were designed specifically by meat and dairy corporations. almost all nutritional information learned from schools is paid for and provided by groups such as mcdonalds, the USDA, and the meat farmer's association. the human body has no nutrional requirement for the flesh, eggs, or milk of other animals."

"FACTORY FARMS today's farms are drastically different from the independant, family run farms of a few years ago. animals are crammed into minute cells and forced to endure extreme conditions in order to maximize profit. 90% of US farm animals spend their entire lives in extensive confinement. animals raised for food are products of extensive genetic engineering and selective breeding. modern anitibiotics are used to "allow" these animals to endure extreme pain without dying."

"SLAUGHTER the animals waiting to be slaughtered can smell the decaying remains, hear the screams, and often see the slaughter of the animals before them. as the animal is dragged to be slaughtered, many struggle. because of this struggle for life, many slaughterhouse workers lose their tempers and beat the animal, shoot them in the eye, and stabbed them in the genitalia."

"METHODS OF SLAUGHTER Captive bolt head stunning: a pistol is placed against the animals head, and a metal rod is thrust through their skull and into their brain. because the animal struggles during this procedure, the rod often misses the brain and does not stun the animal. this results in the animal being completely conscious during slaughter.

Electric head stunning: an electric "stun-gun" is used to stun the animals. then their throats are cut ad they are alowed to bleed to death. a certain amperage is needed to stun the animals. in 1996 a USDA study concluded that 50% of US slaughterhouses used an insufficent amperage thus leaving the animals fully conscious during slaughter.

Ritual slaughter: In accordance to religious customs, no anesthesia is used, and the animal is slaughtered while still awake. it is shackled by one leg and hoisted into the air. as it's body hangs, its jugular veins are cut."

Okay, that's all the info I'm going to stick up for now. You may find this information and more at the following website, and you can also e-mail the fellow who has put this information on the web to verify that it is actually true because until the facts are shown this is just hearsay, even though this is most likely what happens. His e-mail address is: and he goes by the handle Jeremy Bondage, his real name is on his website, however, but it's not important at this moment. He should also be able to point you in the direction of more literature about what happens when you support the meat industry and genocide of animals and how it harms mother earth, as well.

I don't want anyone to think I'm preaching to you here. I am mearly informing you about this atrocious website. Information is key, if we want to be a intelligent educated caring and compassionate species.

I should also say right now, I am a meat eater, I do not endorse meat eating and I try not to support it, it's hard to stop something you've been doing all your life. But, I will tell you right now, I have toned down my meat eating. I used to eat meat all the time (everyday/couple days), but now I only occasionally eat it. This is not good, but it's ok, for now, I hope to be a vegetarian in the future when I have more willpower to do so.

I also wear suede shoes unfortunately, these are also made from animals. I try to make my shoes last a year and a half to two years, sometimes they last two most. The longer they last, the less animals that are slaughtered to provide selfish me with shoes. There are vegan shoes out there however, but the ones I have seen, weren't too great. I might try hemp shoes in the future, those seem like a definetly good alternative to dead animal carcass.

Yes, I'm a hypocrite for caring and having compassion for all animals while supporting their murders. I am trying to the best of my ability right now, to change. I admit I'm not trying enough (but enough to my ability), but a little is better then nothing.

I know that I do support (kinda unwillingly) the eating of meat and wearing shoes made of dead animals, but I am not proud of this. I personally have taken small steps to help out as many animals as possible from keeping them away from slaughter (From eating as less meat as possible, making my shoes last as long as possible). I tried as much as I can. I have no willpower as of this time, so I do the best as I could right now. I really do hope you other humans have more willpower then I do, because these animals seriously need help fast and will always need your help as long as capitalism is making money off of genocide.

I have ranted enough or haven't I? Okay, here is our new found enemy's webpage, People Eating Tasty Animals.